Frequently asked questions about NICE ICE CryoRoller

How long does it take NICE ICE CryoRoller to get cold for maximum effect?

NICE ICE can be frozen by placing the entire roller into the Ziploc freezer bag it is shipped with and then placing the roller into a freezer or a cooler packed with ice. By placing NICE ICE in the Ziploc, you prevent frost from building up on the roller head. NICE ICE will get down to about 20° F within one hour of being put into the freezer. When using a cooler filled with ice, try to get as much air out of the Ziploc bag as possible and then pack the roller head down into the ice. The temperature of the roller head will be about 30 degrees within one hour.

What makes the NICE ICE CryoRoller stay cold? What’s inside the CryoRoller head?

NICE ICE has a proprietary liquid mixture in the roller head that allows it to stay therapeutically cold for so long during use. If in the freezer for one hour, the Small CryoRoller will stay cold for 15-20 minutes and the Large CryoRoller will stay cold for up to 60 minutes.  This trade secret ingredient will not leak or spill unless the seal is damaged on the roller head, which could be caused by excessive heat or damage.

What if I don’t have access to a freezer?

Not a problem. You can put NICE ICE in a cooler filled with ice. The roller head’s temp will get down to 31 F in about an hour. NICE ICE is then ready to use (for maximum effect) after being in the cooler for a minimum of one hour. It is important to remember to keep NICE ICE in the bag (that you use with a freezer) so that there wont be any water on the roller head, and there wont be any mess.Cooling curve comparing a freezer vs a cooler

How long does NICE ICE CryoRoller stay cold?

The large size roller will stay cold for about 60 minutes of continuous use, while the small size roller will stay cold for about 15-20 minutes of continuous use. This means that you could use the large roller to treat three areas effectively or use the roller on three athletes consecutively without having to put the roller back into the freezer or ice-filled cooler to get it cold again. The small roller can be used effectively for one treatment of 20 minutes and then you will have to put it back into the freezer or cooler to get cold again.  Remember that NICE ICE is an ice therapy and it is not recommended to use ice therapies for longer than 20 minutes on any one area. Then, give that treated area a 40-60 minute break. During that break between ice treatments, you can place NICE ICE back into the freezer/cooler and it will be ready to use again for maximum effect.

Temperature of roller and skin for 60 minutes of continuous use on 3” quad region

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How long do I need to use NICE ICE to get the benefits?

To get the most out of NICE ICE treatment, you need to use the roller for 20 to 25 min. The chart above shows the use of NICE ICE on a quad muscle for an hour. After 10 minutes you reach 40 F and it holds steady for the next 40 minutes. Now, the target time for icing is 20 minutes. Therefore, after a 25 minute period of continuous use on the quad, you have reached the amount icing that you need, with the added benefits of compression and massage. Remember that NICE ICE is a cryotherapy technique and you do not want to use ice for longer than 25 minutes.

How does NICE ICE compare to the standard wrapped on ice bag?

A 30 minute treatment with NICE ICE gets your skin down to the same temperature as that of a wrapped on ice bag for 20 minutes. After the treatment with NICE ICE, the skin warms at the same rate as that of an ice bag. This is demonstrated in the chart below. While using a wrapped on ice bag gives you the benefits of compression and cryotherapy, your completely missing out on third treatment modality that NICE ICE provides you. Massage! Warming of the skin after treatments comparing Nice Ice CryoRoller versus an ice bag

How do I keep my NICE ICE CryoRoller clean?

NICE ICE’s roller head is made of surgical grade stainless steel. Surgical grade stainless steel prevents the growth of both bacteria and viruses on the roller head, as long as it is cleaned regularly. To clean the roller, we recommend using an antimicrobial spray (i.e. Envirocide) and an antiviral spray (i.e. IV7). Another example of a cleaning solution is to use a combination of rubbing alcohol and water. Spray the solution onto a paper towel, and then wipe the head of the roller thoroughly. Next, rinse the roller head with cool water to remove any and all traces of the cleaning agent. Finally, dry the roller so there is no more water and continue using on another athlete or place back into the freezer bag and put it in the freezer, so it is ready for your next use. Remember not to use harsh chemicals such as chlorides or bleaches. Chlorides will damage the stainless steel metal and bleaches are skin irritants which could leave the user with a skin rash.

Does NICE ICE have a warranty? What happens if my NICE ICE CryoRoller breaks?

NICE ICE does not have a warranty, but it does have a repair program, in case your NICE ICE CryoRoller becomes damaged or broken. Simply complete the Repair Submission Form, box up your broken or damaged roller and send both to RICA Surgical Products, Inc. office located in Schiller Park, Illinois. The cost of this program is $14.00 per Small CryoRoller and $22.00 per Large CryoRoller plus a $5.00 shipping charge per order. So, if you broke a Small and Large NICE ICE it would cost $41.00 (14+22+5=41) to fix both rollers.

You can download a .PDF version of the Repair Submission Form by clicking the following link.  NICEICECryoRollerRepairForm

How much does NICE ICE CryoRoller cost and how can I order one?

The large size roller currently sells for $49.95 and the small size roller sells for $29.95. Each size is available in either a grey or white color handle. You can order online by clicking on the ORDER page or call RICA Surgical Product’s office in Schiller Park, Illinois toll free at 1-800-889-3218.



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