Why should I use the NICE ICE CryoRoller?

Why use NICE ICE CryoRoller?

NICE ICE CyroRoller provides the benefits of 3 treatment modalities (ice, massage and compression) in one device during use.

ICE or cryotherapy (the application of ice for therapeutic purposes) is one of the most commonLarge CryoRoller treatment modalities used in the immediate management of acute soft tissue injury and in the treatment of chronic injuries. Cryotherapy is used to reduce the recovery time as part of rehabilitation programs following both acute and chronic injuries. Cryotherapy is used after treatments to constrict blood vessels, which helps to decrease inflammation in the area of injury. It also numbs the sore tissue by slowing nerve impulses, which increases the pain threshold. For example, cryotherapy has been shown to reduce pain effectively in the post-operative period after reconstructive surgery of the joints.
MASSAGE is commonly believed to be the best modality for relieving muscle soreness. Delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and swelling have been found to be reduced through massage therapy.
COMPRESSION is used to increase external pressure on the tissue to prevent edema by hindering fluid loss from the vessels in the injured area.
ICE + COMPRESSION is significantly colder than ice alone due to improved skin contact and increased tissue density caused by extended static compression. Tissue reaches its lowest temperature faster and the tissue maintains cool even after treatment ends.

Why use NICE ICE instead of an ice bag?

A 30 minute treatment with NICE ICE gets your skin down to the same temperature as that of an ice bag that has been wrapped on for 20 minutes. After the treatment with NICE ICE, the skin warms at the same rate as that of an ice bag. This is demonstrated in the chart below. While using a wrapped on ice bag gives you the benefits of compression and cryotherapy, your completely missing out on third treatment modality that NICE ICE provides you. Massage!
Warming of the skin after treatments comparing Nice Ice CryoRoller versus an ice bag